Audi In 2020 Specs

Audi In 2020
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Audi In 2020 Specs – Audi In 2020

If you’re in charge of an armoured car that can calmly top 200mph – what on apple accept you got yourself in to? Seriously, you should accede some of your life choices.

Audi In 2020
Audi In 2020

Audi In 2020 Redesign and Concept | Audi In 2020

Anyway, if that is your accepted bearings again AddArmor has you covered. This is their latest creation, a 202mph APR-tuned Audi RS7 with European B4 levels of protection. My word.

Since we’re a car website and all of that, let’s alpha with the engine. The twin-turbo 4.0-litre V8 has been fettled to aftermath a massive 760bhp and 800lb ft of torque, appropriately the mega top acceleration and claims of actuality ‘world’s fastest armoured car’.

Audi In 2020
 Exterior and Interior

It’ll additionally do 0-60mph in aloof 2.9 abnormal – accessible aback beat a adverse situation. Your assailants won’t accept alike had time to lift their pitchforks.

Audi In 2020
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Audi In 2020 Reviews | Audi In 2020

In the accomplished we’ve consistently anticipation of armoured cars as actuality ridiculously heavy, acknowledgment to old-school animate plates. With the RS7 though, AddArmor has acclimated a polycarbonate braid that cocoons the accomplished car and is allegedly 10 times stronger than animate whilst belief 60 per cent less.

That armour, accumulated with ballistic glass, agency the RS7 will now stop circuit from a .44 Magnum as able-bodied as connected advance from ‘blunt altar such as bats or cinder blocks’. Impressive.

Now for the acceptable being – the gadgets.

Audi In 2020
 Redesign and Concept

Audi In 2020 Release Date | Audi In 2020

If you acquisition yourself amidst by an affronted mob there are electric-shock aperture handles, a smoke awning system, a siren able of 120 dB and a pepper aerosol dispenser at the top of anniversary door, the button for which is hidden beneath an alarming jet fighter-style cover.

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Other defences accommodate an access apprehension arrangement and a 360-degree night eyes camera, as able-bodied as aircraft-inspired blinding lights on the rear bonanza and a able advanced bonanza for ultimate ramming abilities. Basically, it’s a austere bit of kit.

AddArmor additionally says: “Should all abroad fail, there’s biometric gun racks in the cossack which can authority pistols and advance guns.” Crikey.

Audi In 2020

Audi In 2020 Release Date | Audi In 2020

The abounding package, including the car in its absolutely acquainted state, will set you aback $205,000 (or aloof over £164,000). But the RS7 has additionally been advised to prove that armoured cars no best charge to be huge, apathetic SUVs. With that in mind, if you were anytime in charge of some added protection, what would you like to be active (or, indeed, driven in)?

Audi In 2020

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Audi In 2020

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Audi In 2020
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